How to style my hair?/:

I hadn't straightened my hair for about 4yrs until 2 weeks ago & now I'm starting to do it again. Agh! I think my hair type is between 2c/3a. It's just poofy. Like crazy, if I just wash my hair & leave it down (even with a ton of product) it's just a poof ball. It's not attractive, it's frizzy & you can't even tell that it's curly really. How I style it normally is I shower, I don't shampoo I just condition, I get out, put garnier curl calm down anti-frizz cream in it, some Paul Mitchell crunch-free curl definer, clip half of my hair up & do it a section at a time. All I have to do is wrap my hair around a wooden skewer or even a pencil. I don't have to hold it or anything either. Then it drys & it looks like I used a curling iron. But that takes about 45-60mins. I don't know any other way to wear my hair down & curly. So I like straightening it. Before straightening I put some olive oil in my hair, wash, spray some tresemme heat tamer spray & then straighten. Sometimes I'll blow dry but not too often. & I can keep my hair down for a week straight. I just do touchups on the top layer of my hair everyday. Can you give me some hairstyles for my naturally curly hair? The thing is I look horrible with my hair up. So can't really do updos. By the way I'm only 15 so no, I can't go get treatments or buy expensive products.

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