How do I get my curls to come back?!?

I rarely straighten my hair, usuallly anywhere from 2-5 times a year. This past September (the first week of September) was one of those rare occasions, and I had my  hair straightened at the salon after a trim. The straightness lasted an unusually long time without me having to restraighten it, around 4 days. I only went over it once quickly with a straightener at home during those days. However, when I showered, my curls didn’t come back like usual! They were duller, less springy and coily, and strangely enough, many of the hairs on my left side were completely straight (only my left side)! My curls also don’t hold as well as they used to (I am type 3b for reference). It is now November and nothing has changed. I miss my beautiful curls so much and I don’t know what to do! I will do anything to get them back-masks, products, new conditioner, treatments, etc. I have sworn off using heat on my hair as well. Someone please help me, I don’t feel like myself anymore!

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