will i still damage my hair if use heat protectant

i want to straighten my hair from time to time like maybe every other week and only straighten it one time with heat protectants and i will use protein treatments  (for example i straighten my hair on a monday and i wont straighten any more the rest of that week and then wash it on sunday and leave it curly for that whole week or 2 weeks) my hair is pretty healthy except for some heat damage in the do you think it will be ok to straighten my hair like that every other week? 

2 Answers

There's always a possibility of heat damage when using heat. Nothing guarantees prevention besides not using heat at all, but heat protectant is better than nothing at all & will provide an extra barrier.
There is always a possibility that you might experience heat damage. This happens due to the tools, heat, and frequency at which you straighten. Sometimes one time is all it takes. Straightening your hair 26 times a year is considered frequent.