I got my hair relaxed not knowing it was a relaxer!!!

I need help!! I got my hair relaxed but I didn't know it was a relaxer. I was told it was a hair treatment that will reduce my curls a little bit and leave it with no frizz (I have a lot of volume). So after I learned that it was a relaxer I washed my hair when I got home, since I don't want to be dealing with retouching and all that. II don't know if washing my hair will have an effect or not and what care should I take after I did this. What should I expect?I have 2c with some sections of 3b, my hair is super coarse and I have a lot of volume.Thank you!!!FYI: for the process they left the relaxer on my hair for 20 min, wash it, then flat ironed it. With my hair straight they applied some sort of sealer, leave it for 20 min, wash it and then flat ironed it again.

1 Answer

If your hair was truly relaxed, you cannot wash it out.  The hair has been permanently straightened, so if you want your original curl pattern back, you'll just have to grow it out or cut the relaxed hair off.  If you prefer to transition, you will have to be gentle with your hair and patient; relaxed hair and curly hair don't always play well together.  Be especially careful around the line of demarcation, the point at which at your relaxed hair meets your natural hair.  The abrupt shift from curly hair to straight hair makes that demarcation a weak point on each strand.