Can I get my hair more loose and wavy?

I'm a male who has very tight curls and medium length hair. Check out the picture I linked. I'm trying to grow out my hair almost shoulder length and I'm wondering if there is a way to get it the curls looser and more wavy. I'm thinking about using keratin treatment but I don't know if it will loosen the curl enough and I don't want to have to iron it. Thanks,Julien

3 Answers

I don't see any link or picture attached, maybe something went wrong. Why would you want to trade your curls for waves? Just for the length or is it because you don't like the pattern? If you treat your hair well, trim your ends about every 8 weeks and it's healthy then it will grow by itself. Don't make any decisions that you might regret later ;)Ps: I just read you're a male! 
go to a salon that specializes in curly hair. Maybe they can cut it so you enjoy your natural curls more? I've done a keratin treatment (not the Brazilian blowout) at a salon and I never saw a difference (my hair is a little curlier than yours). I did attempt the Brazilian blowout at home and horribly damaged my hair requiring it to have the damage cut off over time (took 16 months!). Please really weigh the pros and cons of the choices.