i have 3b hair and i am biracial and i was wondering if i would be able to texturize/texlax my hair

i have 3b  hair and im biracial (italian, jamaican ) my hair is about edium lenght curly and when straight its a little bit past my bra strap.i would like looser curls but do not want to relax my hair.but ive heard of texlaxing but have never seen any pictures of my hair type.so will i be able to loosen my curl by texlaxing and if so how can i do it effectively. (my hair has some split ends and can be a liitle bit frizy0

2 Answers

You can relax you hair, but you should talk to your stylist about what is best. Many people regret getting a relaxer. You might want to ask your stylist about a keratin treatment, which will gradually wash out. Ask about different types of keratin treatments; there are a lot out there.
I'm half Jamaican too :] And I wouldn't recommend telaxing some people still get straight hair, I would recommend the kertain treatment, many people say that it's lossened their hair by the 2nd threatment up to 2 curl types.