I have 3B/C curls. Can getting it straightened regularly with heat cause my curls to straighten?

I have noticed that my curls aren't as curly at the body almost straight now. I don't know if thats from the dye i put in it or not. I am currently deployed to afghanistan and decided i will not straighten my hair the whole time i am here.

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I don't think it is the dye because i actually put bleach in my hair at a salon and my hair was still curly. Also my daughter has curls like mine more a 3C but i have been straightening her hair alot and noticed that it has been straight on the ends too. How can i get our hair back to what it used to be?
If you do straighten your hair often you curls will become more relaxed due to heat damage, so it's definetly not the dye, although dye does suck the moisture out your hair and destroy the protective outer layer causing hair to break off.... try to stay away from the dye also.
You can't truly repair heat damage. You can grow your hair out and trim it off little by little. You can also deep condition weekly or every time you wash and make sure to use a leave-in conditioner. Overall keeping it moisturized with a product whose main ingredient is water and staying away from heat styling, products with dying alcohols, mineral oil (this has other names too google it :) and any other drying ingredients, will help (mineral oil isn't helpful because you will need a harsher more dying shampoo to wash it out and I would recommend washing with conditioner or a cream cleanser to keep your hair moisturized). Keeping you and your daughters hair moisturized will help it to look its best while you grow out your hair, but I DO recommend trimming of the damage because it will only make your hair look healthier and give you a fresh start!
I suffered heat damage as well I never knew flat iron would turn my hair straight I was not educated enough about it I thought worst case heat damage would incur ends breaking . Anyway I did lots of research I did lots of non Alco beers wash I slept overnight with neutrogena deep treatment mask and co wash with Aussie deep 3 min mask I also did aphogee 2 step protein treatment after 4/6 months my curls was back it was gradual however I did have some that was just limp I cut those off also had to cut of 4 inch of gear damaged endsyou  can cut gradually but I just cut it all one time I still use neutrogena till this day and Aussie I always leave some whole rinsing off from shower the aussie that is good luck