I have been straightening my hair now it's not curly is there a way to restore the curls?

4 Answers

first, what hair type are you? once you have figured that out then you can narrow down the choices of products that will work best for you. there are tons of curl activating/defining products on the market! good luck! :-)
It sounds like your curls have suffered heat damage. Your ends probably have the most damage (as they're oldest) so you could get a trim, that might bring more shape to the rest of the hair. Deep conditioning treatments can also help to restore some of the moisture it is missing. When you're styling your hair there are certain formulas that encourage the curl to form, so look for that when you're next shopping for a styling product. And last but not least, make sure you use a heat protectant every time you straighten your hair!
find a really good deep conditioner don't trighten your hair as much.
Sorry. I meant find a really good deep conditioner and don't straighten your hair as much.