I have type 3B hair..coarse n think. I presently have keratin 4 months old...can I have a milk perm?

I like the keratin cause it eliminates the frizz (I live in FL) but I hate straight hair!  I would like to have a soft curl perm but am afraid it might damage my can.  Can someone please respond SOONER rather than later.  Thanks so much.PS.  I'm a HUGE fan of your FB page!

1 Answer

there are a number of new products on the market now designed to loosen/soften the curl but not eliminate it. I think there are a ton of curly girls out there who want that. I've actually gotten a Brazilian Blowout and told them I wanted to keep the curl, so they reduced the heat setting on the flat iron. My curls were left intact, just looser and less frizzy.