How do I know if my ends are just frizzy or if they're dead?

When I straighten my hair they come out straight but only for a short time then they frizz up. Everyone tells me that they're dead because they're dry but when I do an oil treatment on them they're really soft so should I leave them or cut them off? My hair is to the middle of my back but I would have to cut my hair up to my collar one and I don't want to do that.

1 Answer

Your hair isn't alive at the ends even if it is healthy, it is alive at the root but by the time it gets down to the end of the hair it is just dead compressed cells (keratin) but it might be damaged with split ends. Split ends are frizzy but frizz doesn't necessarily mean split ends, it could be a raised cuticle too. If your ends are split-- look at individual hairs, they will be one piece and then fork, and/or there will be little Y shapes at the end or feathering, you don't have to cut them off but you can't really fix them because your hair won't just grow back into one strand. If you want to get long strong healthy hair, you might have to just cut all the split ends off and grow it out again and cut the split ends off as you find them, If it is a raised cuticle, you will look at the hair dry and it will still be in one piece all the way down. I would check your hair's porosity if you don't find split ends. Put a single hair in a glass of water, if it sinks you have high porosity hair (a raised cuticle all the time) and you can look up products and techniques to help smooth it and get rid of your frizz. Just search 'high porosity hair' if it floats and doesn't sink (my hair is low porosity and will never sink no matter how long I leave it in the glass) and you don't have split ends, you may need more moisture so look up 'low porosity curly hair' for tips on penetrating that closed cuticle to get the moisture in Hope that helps :)