What can I do to loosen and smooth my curls?

Hi everyone! I have never met anyone with hair like mine and neither has any hair dresser I have gone to. I have extremely thin fine hair but I have extremely tight curly hair. I have always gotten my hair permed to relax my curls and smooth them out a little bit but for some reason perms are no longer working. My hair is extremely tight and frizzy by the hairline and unmanageable. What else can I try?

2 Answers

What makes it unmanageable? Sounds like your hair is unique if it's like nobody else's, which is beautiful. 
All around my hair line it will not smooth out even with perming it! It use to but no long will! I have been worming it for 15 years and now all of a sudden a perm won't work on it. It is very unique. I am Caucasian, my hair is very thin and not corse. Without product it's like peach fuzz!! It just kind of does it's own thing now where as before I could control it. I keep it short but still has no body.