Should I relax it? Don't know what to do!

hi curlies! I need your help.I live in a very humid and hot part of Mexico, and in this particular area everyone have to use well water.The point is that the weather plus hard water makes my hair so frizzy and undefined... It looks like I haven't take a bath or combed at all.At work I need a neat apparience, since I work at the customer's service area.I've been thinking about relaxing my curls, but I'm scared. When it behaves it's beautiful and I totally love it. My fear is that they never come back again.What would you do? Have you relaxed your hair? Do the curls come back?I totally need your advice.XoxoLuisaP.s.sorry about my grammar 

1 Answer

I understand what you're going through. I used to live Tucson Az, and the weather really put a strain on my hair. Once you relax your hair it will take along time to revert back to your "natural curls." The same goes for any chemical service Brazilian blowout, perms e.c.t. It's also very expensive to keep up relaxed hair. If not properly done right you could end up with serious damage. I would recommend leaving your hair in it natural state "curly". Try and deep condition weekly. Use a light styling gel in hair to maintain frizz. Using oils too will help with frizz. Try some protective hair styles like a bun. Or even roller sets, like the Dominican blowout would be safer choice. I linked some videos below of styles to follow.