Can I relax my hair even though it's been texturized, and anti curled?

So I was natural for a year and a half I had 3c hair, and I hated it, so I texturized it myself using just for me, no lye texturizer, I was very unhappy with it because it turned out uneven, and it was just ugly. So I went to a stylist, and asked for a relaxer, she didnt want to do a relaxer on my hair, and gave me an anti curl instead. It did absolutely nothing. I went back, she did it again and this time told me it probably wont straighten my hair like I wanted, and my only other option was thermal straightening, which starts at the ridiculous price of $300 + $100 for every hour after that. So I opted for the anti curl again. This time, it lightened my hair, and made it easier to comb when wet, but when dry it didnt look much different from before. Anyway I'm still extremely unhappy, and I dont want to go back and spend another $138 for nothing. Can I put Cream of Nature Straight from Eden relaxer on my hair? and will it straighten?The Body of my hair doesnt feel dry or brittle, but the parts of my hair that are blonde, get slightly gooie when wet. that link contains pictures of my hair straightened, and damp. I asked this question elsewhere, and was told that a relaxer would not straighen hair, only loosen curls, maybe to the point of waves, but no more. Is that true?

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