When I straighten my hair it NEVER stays straight

My hair is fine and it used to straighten so well (I didn't straighten very often) and stayed straight for days without me wrapping it at night. But soon after I moved from Wisconsin to Illinois my hair never stays straight when I straighten it. I used to just wash, add heat protector in leave-in form, and straighten in small to medium sections. When I saw it wasn't working anymore I changed my routine. I washed with a clarifying shampoo then a moisturizing one and I deep conditioned afterwards. I added a leave-in to towel dried hair along with a straightening oil and silicon based heat protector. I then blow dried and straightened in small sections. I immediately wrapped my hair and went to bed sleeping with a fan to make sure I didn't sweat. When I woke up and took it down it wasn't frizzy at first but very stiff and about 10 minutes later it frizzed up. Please help!

1 Answer

its a bit late now, but its probably very humid were you are now, i live in the uk, and I'm lucky too get a few hours of straight hair, so i just dont bother now(its been a year)