What can I do with my thick hair ? When i straighten it, it won't stay straightened. :(

My hair won't stay straightened after 30 minutes of straightening.  I tried turning up the heat to 400 degrees, but the higher I go, the more heat damage I'll get.

1 Answer

How well your hair comes it depends on process and products, not how much heat youre using. Making sure your hair is clean and conditioned, DEEP conditioned and VERY moisturized beforehand is important. You can blow dry on lowheat or the cool setting with the tension method Or even stretch your hair using bubble wrap around your rollers. The more stretched your hair is the better. Make sure you use a heat protectant during the blow drying and straightening process. The LESS product you use during your straightening and blow drying process THE BETTER. Your hair will be fluffier and lighter and it wont feel weighed down.For maintaining your straight hair, stay away from products that have humectants like glycerin, aloe vera, etc in your hair. Be sure to wrap it at night as well.Sigh this is all I've got, lol I hope this helps! xo