I'm confused with my hair, help !!

When i was a baby, i had wavy/curly hair. But In several pictures when i was about 4-7 my hair was like wavy & straight and was at the middle of my back. My mom would use the Just for me texture softener only on my roots until recently we stopped because i washed it out and i lost patches of hair. When she would use the softener it would leave my roots straight and the rest natural. Since i was,i wanna say 10 i've seen a change in my hair. My hair,when i style it has become curly and is a little past my shoulders which is weird to me. Now that she stopped using the softener, my roots are tight curls and the rest of hair is mostly an "s" shape but in the front that frames my face is springy and defined. Also now when i brush my hair when it.s wet, my roots are curly but the rest is straight. It's alot i know but i'm confused with my hair and what to do in the future. (forgot to mention im mixed with hispanic & black)

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