I'm wondering if there's a product that will temporarily loosen my 4A hair to more of a 3B-3C

Being a young adult, and still in school, I don't always have the time/patience/skill to manage my hair, and my mom is getting sick of dealing with it all the time, I am certainly too old to not be dealing with my own hair. However, I love curly hair and I don't want to relax it or anything like that, I don't want straight hair. So I am wondering if there is a type of light texturizer that will temporarily loosen my 4A (pretty sure I'm 4A)  hair to like a 3B-3C texture?

2 Answers

a texturizer is as permanent as a relaxing; try using flexi rods. Flexi rod sets last days at a time. Crochet braids is a really good protective style. Most people do go back to being natural with tons of hair skills under their belt. I personally didn't have anything and after youtubjng I picked up a few things but at the same time I'm nowhere near being a professional. You have to have patience. Having a looser curl pattern doesn't mean less struggle or complications. I know some women with 3B and 3C hair that have their own struggles. 
One of my friends got a silk press (flat iron with silk products) and it changed her texture from 4b to about 3c. I guess it's technically heat damaged, but no pieces are straight and it's tons easier for her to deal with. It's also very healthy looking. Shiny and elastic, if she never told, I'd never know the difference. If you're not into that, I use ecostyler and a denman brush and that makes my curls appear a lot looser