Why isn't my hair returning back to normal!?

Hi,Basically, I hardly ever straighten my hair. Last time I straightened it was 2 years ago, but then a month ago, I decided to buy a straightener. So I straightened it on a temperature of 230 degrees Celcius, and with a heat protectant spray. I straightened it on such a high degrees, as the hairdresser said that if I didn't- it wouldn't properly straighten my hair, as I have very curly, hair. Anyway, I washed it a week later, with Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner (as a friend of mine had Head Lice, so as a precaution I used these products), and scrunched in some moroccan oil, but my hair wasn't returning to it's natural ringlet. It was still curly but not as before. Although, I had run out of my usual curly product about a week before so I hadn't used any of that, and I have noticed that whenever I use Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner, it always makes my hair much more limp and less curly. Anyway, I continued using Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner for a week, with no curly hair product (as I was on holidays and couldn't buy any). When I returned from my trip, I used my curly conditioner and usual shampoo, and my hair was MUCH MUCH curlier...but still not the same as before. I went and bought more curly hair product, and now a month later, it's not as spirally and bouncy as it was previously, and I am very distressed and worried. My hair (especially a piece at the front) is a more dragged out curl. This can't be heat damage right? As I used heat protectant, almost NEVER straighten it, and I straightened my sister's hair at 220 Celcius, and her hair is curlier than ever! Any help would be greatly appreciated, in helping my usual curl return, and in assisting me in understanding why this happened?Does anyone know how long my hair will take to return back to normal?Thanks so much! 

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