Just straightened my hair with an iron and washed it, now it's much looser?

I went to a hair salon and got a flat iron and trimmed my ends, i left it straight for 2 days.  Usually my hair is extremely curly, corkscrew, coils, about type 4c-5b, in that range.  (But I could never actually classify it for sure).  I just washed my hair last night, and now it's much looser, even though I got a substantial trim it's the same length.  What use to be long "sausage" type, skinny curls is now loose, almost like Bernadette Peters but shorter (shoulder length).  I miss my old hair! Is this normal? Will it go back eventually?  This is a picture of my with my "normal" (before straightening) hair.

2 Answers

I'd give it a few weeks to see if it pops back. Do some deep conditioning treatments. 
Lay off the heat !!