Lost Curls!

I have done the keratin straightening treatment twice and am considering not doing it again, I want my curls back.  My curls are not what they used to be.  Do I not do it again and do they evenutally come back?

3 Answers

I'm thinking it was too much protein. When I do protein treaments I lose my curls for a few days. Shampoo and do a deep conditioning treatment
Keratin treatments most definitely permanently damage the hair and lead to curl loss. It happened to me. Don't do it again, take better care of your hair, and do a big chop.
will the curls come back?? I was a 3A and almost 2 years ago I asked a friend that just opened her beauty saloon for a cream treatment to hydrate my curls, i had never heard about keratin before so didn't know what they used it for, and she talked me into it, promising me that my hair would be as healthy as can be, turns out it ended up straight but it wasn't even correctly straight cause i didn't get the whole treatment as it had to be done to completely straighten my hair.Long story short, she's not my friend anymore, and my hair has been dead ever since, I can only use it in a ponytail cause it looks awful if I wear it down, unless I use a straightening iron, but that just damages it more, I have it short now, but I'm going crazy, my curls come back when my hair is wet from the shower but when it dries it's just frizzy and kind of wavy in some parts and in others straight.I tried curling it with a curling iron but the curls won't hold up for more than 2 hours, and I tried with a perm in a small section and it didn't work either.Do you guys know about anything that I can use to help my hair recover, besides getting a hair cut cause I already done that, the hair seems to be growing wavy not curly anymore :'(