How get my natural curls back?!

I have naturally curly hair... Or had lol. Last summer I pretty much kept my hair straight so flat ironed it every 1-2 weeks. I think it was just way too much heat because I started noticing my curls disappearing. I thought my hair was just changing. I have always loved having option of the wash and wear look. Well I no longer have that option because my hair looks like I am growing out a perm now. I basically have new growth and it's my beautiful curls at the roots but the rest is straight. Can I get my curls back or do I just have to be patient and keep it trimmed and wait for the straight part to just be cut out? Or can I bring my curls back with deep conditioning? I always use a deep conditioner and just started using the Eden Hair Care line. Also since I haven't been keeping my hair trimmed like I should I'm assuming that's the reason my hair isn't as long as it was. Not keeping it trimmed means your hair breaks off right? I want my curls and length back!  : )Any tips welcome! Thanks!

2 Answers

Since your hair has been so heavily damaged by the constant heat, I would say cut off as much of the hair that is still straight as possible. This will leave only the healthy hair and will help your curls grow longer! Deep condition to moisturize your hair. I'm not sure if that will work for the straight part of your hair, but if you don't want to cut it off you could definitely try that!
if you have severe damage u have no choice but to cut it off. Protein treatments can help restore minor damage. Even though it cannot reverse bad damage protein treatments can still help with u trim the bad ends off. You can still use heat but you must use leave-ins and heat protectants, they are not optional