How to get my natural hair straight and not frizzy and dry feeling?

I recently used Beautiful Textures(from curly to straight) and it came out really good butttttttt when I flat ironed, my ends were pretty bad to me at least. My roots came out great but when I comb my hair after the flat ironing, my hair was poofy and not lying flat like flat ironed hair should. So I went to the hair salon and got a trim and she didn't cut a lot off but enough to see a difference, and now when I comb my hair I still feel "ruffness" when I rub across my head. I have moisturized my hair and I don't know what the heck to do. Someone please help. Do I need to trim some more of my ends or just wait it out? (Honestly, I don't want to go back to having a little afro, but I have no problem hearing the truth) Here is a picture of the back after flat ironed

1 Answer

There are a lot of factors to consider:1. I've personally never gotten my hair straight without it having that rough feeling you are talking about. However, I'm pretty sure I know why... I haven't undertaken the straightening process since finding out what would really work.2. Make sure your hair is well moisturized prior to straightening. This may take trial and error, as some products may moisturize well but keep your hair from getting as straight as you want it. Use a silicone-based heat protectant/straightening serum after your moisturizers for sleek, lasting results.3. It's super important to have a to professional quality flat iron to get professional looking results. (This is my guess as to why I've never had a totally successful experience.) The temperature also needs to be up high enough to thoroughly straighten the hair without too many passes. Just not too high (depends on the iron) since it could cause damage. Use a good heat smoothing protectant. Flat iron recommendation: or something similar (search for reviews or what others with 4C hair are using successfully)List of affordable flat iron recommendations: If your ends still look split, thinned, and rough (not just, poofy, but tangly or damaged) you may need to get a little more trimmed off, but I would still go to a stylist and tell her that you want any damaged ends trimmed off. My guess though is that the whole of your hair just didn't straighten smoothly so that's why it feels rough. So maybe wait until you straighten again incorporating any of these tips you might have left out and from those results you could decide if you still need another trim.5. Also, I'm not sure how you prep your hair for straightening, but if you're not already, be sure to detangle thoroughly and it might help to put it in a roller set or something else that will help stretch the hair before flat ironing or in addition to using the tension method to blow out your hair. The straighter and smoother you get it before using the flat iron, the better your results should be after flat ironing.6. Another straightening tip is to flat iron in very small, thin sections. (2"-0.5" smaller in the areas where your hair is the thickest)I hope this helps!