Natural to Relaxed

I just big chopped on May 21, 2015. My hair is overwhelmingly growing thick and curly. I feel like I have learned all over how to really take care of hair since going natural. I just recently began thinking about going back to a relaxer because now I know what my hair need, styling my natural hair takes way too long, and relaxed hair is easier to care for at this point. The reason why I went natural is to try it out and because my last stylist over processed my hair. Let me know your thoughts. 

1 Answer

I think that you should do what makes you happy, if having natural hair interferes with your work,school ect. then you should either cut your hair short until it gets easier  or go back to relaxed hair. Personally I would prefer crazy curly hair that is difficult than thin, proccesed hair. But that is just me. In the end, it is your choice :)