Is it okay for me to straighten my hair occasionally?

I have type 2B hair, very thick slightly curly S-shaped waves. I love my wavy hair and wear it naturally everyday. However, I used to hate it and would straighten it with a flat-iron twice a 1-2 times a week in middle school. While I do love my hair now, I'd like to straighten it from time to time because I like it when my hair is styled like that too and a change every here and there is nice. What I mean by occasionally is 2-3 times a month. I've heard from a lot of people though that if I straighten it will ruin my natural curls. Is this true? Because if it is I definitely do NOT want to straighten. If it isn't true though, what products should I use for straightening my hair to cause the least amount of damage? I've heard that you're supposed to use ceramic straighteners. And what heat protectant sprays do you guys know of? Should I keep using my regular curly hair based conditioners and shampoos or should I change when I plan to straighten? Any advice, techniques, products you guys could share with me would be really great and appreciated.

1 Answer

You can , I wouldn't suggest 2-3 times a month if you want to keep it healthy. Have you tried using Velcro rollers ? I usually put my wet hair in rollers, let it dry, then straighten on 300-350° .