Is it possible for someone with extremely curly hair to get a perm to make their hair wavy?

My hair is between typer 3b and 3c and I would really just like it to be soft smooth waves but more on the straight side. Is there any way that I can do that or am I just reaching too far? The video is how I want my hair (obviously it's a HUGE stretch but I girl can dream can't she)

2 Answers

There is a treatment called the keratin treatment that is for loosening curls, but it can damage your hair. If you really want it straight/wavy you might as well get a relaxer, but I advise against that. Relaxers will permanently damage your hair and make it thin (your hair won't end up looking like the girl in the video, it will be much more thin if you decide to do the relaxer) Do some research and maybe go to a hair salon and ask what they think. You should probably go to a black hair salon because they usually specialize in things like this :) 
Your hair is beautiful!  It is so full with gorgeous curls.  All you need is a product to reduce the fly-aways and to add some shine.