Could it even be possible for me to have heat damage? I'm paranoid.

ok so about almost a half of a year ago I suffered from severe heat damage from a beauty salon that has no idea what they were doing with natural hair....I've been scared to put a heat tool to my head since. I recently got a weave and I just straightened my hair for the first time in months after trying to straighten it without heat which actually today I took my already stretched hair, added some leave in conditioner, that added moisture to my hair, put on a heat protectant spray, and then a heat protectant serum and straightened my hair for one pass in sections at about a 250 temperature. I have type 4a hair and a thick strands. Should I be ok?

2 Answers

I'm not a professional, but I think you should be fine. You took all of the right measures(deep condition, heat protectant and serum) and you only did one pass on low heat. 
You won't know until you wash your hair.