Relaxing dyed hair?

I haven't dyed my hair in a long time, probably over a year. I was thinking about relaxing my hair, but I heard you shouldn't relax dyed hair because it could break or fall out. Since it's been so long since it has been dyed, do you think it would be okay to relax it? Does anyone have experience with this?

1 Answer

any hair that has had a chemical process done to it is already fragile and highly subseptible to breakage especially if it's relaxed and then adding a color or vice versa. In some cases, if not done professionally and with care, the hair will melt from the pre-existing traces of the relaxer chemical in addition to the varying chemicals in the hair color. The hair already being in a highly porous state from the first introduction of chemicals followed by the second introduction of chemicals is what causes the hair to melt and break. The recovery from bad results of using both chemical processes. I suggest going to various professional hair stylists and asking the necessary questions to be mentally comfortable with what it is you want and to have very little damage done to your hair as possible. They'll probably suggest doing one and waiting two to three weeks before the next. Bottom line  relaxer and color is a highly dangerous and damaging combination.