Anyone removed their Brazilian Keratin

I used to have extremely curly hair and loose enough curls where i could wear it out. In fact, I have rare hair. I destroyed it my using the Brazilian keratin TWICE!!! I do not know what to do. I have used sulfate, salt, time and I might use apple Vinegar this weekend. DO i have to grow it out like a perm. Will it ever be the same again? any tips? After i wash it. It is curly but not really. when i brush it, it turns stick straight.

2 Answers

The good news is that the Brazillian Blowout Claims to be a temporary treatment, not permanent line a relaxer, so according to them in roughly 12 weeks after the service you should see your hair begin to take shape.  In the meantime you may need to change up the hair products you are using.  Since your hair probably resembles wavy hair rather than it's normal curly, try products that are formulated to enhance wavy hair to make it have more body, texture and definition.  This will typically look like a gel or a texture spray.  When your hair begins to take shape again, you can head back to your curly products.  Don't worry, your natural curl will be back in no time.  Give it a full year to recover, deep condition often making sure to use a protein rich conditioner every 8 weeks or so.  This will strengthen the structure of your natural hair.  Almost there! 
It has been more than twelve weeks though. And i have tried curling products. I had it done the first week of august. I has been more than 5 months. anymore advice? if i dont cut it off, will it ever go back to the same