Reversing chemically striaghtened hair?

Hi everyone! I have 3b type of curly hair (I will post a picture of a good hair day hahaha). Back in June of 2013 I got my hair chemically straightened with japanese straightening. It is about 3 inches grown out and now I have to straighten the roots since only the top of my head is curly. I was reading about ways to reverse chemically straightened hair and I noticed everything said either grow it out or get a perm. Growing it out will take way too long. Is it possible to get a perm to reverse it? I was thinking if I get my hair permed back to curly, I could cure it back to health and then eventually get a "not as damaging" relaxer to tame my hair! Is that possible? I need answers :( I'm just afraid my hair is going to snap or break like straw. It feels like straw anyways because it's so damaged!My hair is so damaged from these chemicals. Its dry, brittle, and breaking off. The ends are flared because the chemicals are wearing out. It isn't shiny or soft and I have to be VERY carful with what I do with it. I try to use as minimal heat as possible. I take such good care of my hair. I mean the whole deal. Deep conditioning, oil treatments, heat protectant, and I use really nice products just so my hair doesn't fall out!I'm sixteen and I have always struggled with my curly hair. I still to this day feel insecure about it. I have tried everything and still I just can't tame it! So finally I decided to start straightening it and sooner or later I got the japanese straightening. So Iv'e had straight hair for about one year and a half. Any answers/comments are appreciated! I need some serious help! Thanks!

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Hi! Using another set of chemicals to reverse one set of chemicals is not a good idea. Your natural texture may be different than the curly perm you end up getting, and you'd still be back to square one with hair that doesn't match the roots. A curly perm would NOT reverse it per se, it would just make your hair curly...still not your natural curls though.I would talk to a stylist, honestly. Just to see their opinion. But to me, it doesn't really make sense. You'd just have to let your hair grow out. I used to make my hair straight with relaxers and I just 1) STOPPED getting them and 2) let my hair grow out and cut the straight pieces little by little until I finally had my natural hair texture. hope that helped! 
Unfortunately, there is no way to reverse this chemical straightening treatment. The best thing to do is nourish your virgin hair that is growing in and trimming your hair at the rate it’s growing to avoid extensive split ends. I would highly advise that you minimize or eliminate heat tools.
You'll just have to wait til it grows out, I think. You really don't want to put more chemicals on your hair. Try to be patient and make the best of what your hair's doing now.... trim the ends if they're a real mess. And believe that you are beautiful just the way you are!  No need to change or manipulate... just enjoy your natural beauty. 
I agree. I don't think you can reverse it, really. You sure don't want to put more chemicals on it. I'd just let it grow out then learn to love it!