how to get rid of straight pieces?!

i recently died my hair purple. my hair stylist had to do something called "lightening" it. when she lightened it my hair was a light light brown. but before i even did this ive been noticing straight pieces in front of my face & bangs. i did research & it said my hair is "heat trained" bc my ends arent split. a lot of girls on youtube have used the aphogee 2 step protein treatment & i heard the ion reconstructor is pretty good as well. i have curls its just my straight pieces are still there. i shampoo once a month & condition like twice a week. im not putting anymore heat on my hair for a REALLY long long time. does anyone know anything that can help. im thinking about the aphogee & i heard mayo and eggs is good too. please help!! my hair is 3b btw

1 Answer

well it sounds like your hair is heat damaged , not heat "trained" . That's just a nicer way of saying you have heat damage . Once you have heat damage , you have to cut it off because the straight pieces will not going back to being curly.The aphogee treatment does work very nicely  , but it will only make your hair strands stronger , it will not revert heat damage .