Roots straight after relaxer, middle curly, and ends straight!!!???

I am of mixed race and have naturally curly hair. I got it relaxed a couple years ago. However, now my hair at the top is bone straight after washing, middle is curly,and the ends are straight! I don't want straight hair, I just wanted even looser curls throughout. What can I do to make my hair more curls and uniform all throughout? 

1 Answer

if ur ends are straight, it probably means u have to cut them off. They are damaged after using slot of heat. If u don't want to lose your length u can get monthly trims or u can just cut off the straight ends all in one chop. As for ur roots, it means that ur hair is being weighed down. While applying products to ur hair, make sure u use products that aren't too heavy. There's a YouTube that discussed causes of flat roots, her channel is CurlyPenny I believe. Just search "CurlyPenny causes of flat roots".