Rusk Anit Curl #1

Hi.  I'm a hairstylist.  I have been using rusk anti-curl for years.  I had a new client come in for an anti curl last week.  She had called me today to say that in the past her hair was usually straight after a treatment.  She had also mentioned that the texture was better before having the treatment.  She didnt know if it was possible if her hair had changed since having children. Not sure how old the youngest is but I think under 1yr.  I'm looking for answers for possible scenario's where things could have gone wrong on my end since I'm being told that her results are much better than the last treatment which I performed.  I followed the directions as far as timing is concerned and tension put on the hair and staying an inch off the scalp.  Have I under processed or over processed?  This is the only thing I can think of.  I doubt hormones from having a child a yr ago could have affected the outcome?Thanks,K

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