Is Straightening Unruly Coarse Sections a Bad Idea?

On one side of my part I have a small short clump of coarse hairs, they refuse to lie flat and are very annoying. On the other side, a section of hair is a bit shorter than the rest and has a strong kink at the top, which is an odd, very "strong" curl that also refuses to lay flat and it definitely noticeable.Would straightening these section be a bad idea? Nothing I've tried works. I've tried lots of things to try and help my coarser hairs, also  the canopy layer of my hair is coarser and frizzier and doesn't hold a curl well.

2 Answers

I would not recomment it. You could get obsessed by straightening or end up straightening more you wanted. And two other words: heat damage.Some parts of our hair can be coarser or can have a different texture. Have you tried adding extra moisture to that part of your hair and locking it with some gel? 
Pre pinning back my hair, it was still a bit wet