Texlaxing 3a, medium density high porosity hair?

I have 3a/3b fine (super soft) hair, blonde with some color damage and a fair amount of heating damage over the years... When it dries, it turns into ringlets. Think Taylor Swift, but way less cute.Honestly, I've been trying my hardest to embrace it's texture, but the reality is that my face is framed better by wavy hair. I've had friends and family say as much, and I agree. I've read a bit about relaxing and texlaxing, but I can't find any information anywhere about how fine 3a hair would react.I don't want to straighten it completely out, just to take it down to maybe a 2c or 2b - loosen it really really mildly. I've thought about Brazilian Keratin, but heard the effects are lost after 3 months (and I've heard it's damaging, so that doesn't sound worth it for something temporary). If I'm going to damage it, I'd rather do it with permanent results and have it be one process and done... Is that logic off? If so please help :) !Any thoughts or advice? Thanks everyone!

1 Answer

Texlaxing and relaxing are the basically same thing,  but there is this treatment called the keratin treatment that is meant for loosening curls. Maybe do a bit of research about it. I don't recommend relaxing or texlaxing because your hair would be very damaged.