Texturizing / partially relaxing 2b/c hair?

I have 2b/c hair and have been trying to find the right styling routine for some time now. I went to a stylist who specializes in devacurl and I have been using their products for about half a year now. While the deva 3 step has helped reduce frizz in my hair, it still looks a bit untamed when it dries. I was reading about texturizers lately where a treatment is given to the hair to smooth it out a bit and was wondering if these procedures work well on 2b/c hair? I am looking for something that smooths my hair out a bit but still keeps the waves so I don't have to worry about how it dries as much.  Also, I don't know if there is anything such as partially relaxing the hair so it's not straightened all the way and keeps some of the natural texture? I am just looking for something that will not completely straighten my hair and something that won't be hard to transition back to my natural hair if I choose to do so in the future.Thanks so much if anyone has some insight on this for me!!

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