Can you ever truly flat iron your hair without any heat damage after?

I've gone almost 1 whole year without straightening my hair. I really want to straighten it again but I don't want to erase that whole year of growth by cutting my hair after the heat damage. Is there a way to not get any heat damage or very little (besides heat protectant), or should I just let my hair grow out some more?

1 Answer

Really, it depends on your hair type, but I straightened my hair every week for years (though it was also relaxed at the time) with no heat damage. I have straightened my hair now that I'm transitioning too with no heat damage. I recommend using a serum heat protectant with silicones and trying to get you hair as straight as possible before you actually use any heat on.  You can try paddle brushing it out or stretching it in twist or both. If not, you can try blowing it out on warm (not hot) heat and a low speed beforehand.