What are ways to stretch my hair so I can pull it into a high bun? Its hard to tuck my high puffs in

My hair is able to achieve large high puffs, but I'm not sure how to tuck all of that in order to get a sleek high bun. I'm modeling in a bridal show Sunday and they want me in a bun. I would prefer not to use braiding hair for the bun, or heat to blow out my hair.  I'm newly natural after 2 years of protective styling and my curl pattern is in the 3c/4a range. I have not used direct hear on my hair in the month I've worn my hair out. Any suggesstions? I've attached a twist out/wash and go style from just in case that helps. I appreciate your help already! Thank you!

1 Answer

you should try African hair threading ,it naturally stretches your hair without heat