We can't get my daughters hair to curl back up after having to straighten it she is 4c pattern HELP

She had a section in a braid for 2 days and when she washed it on the 3rd day so we could twist it like we normally do it was stick straight. So we used the flat iron and straightened her hair but now we can't get it to go back to being curly so it will hold her twist in. We deep conditioned it over night hoping that would help but had to keep the straight style because even after a week twists won't hold in her hair. She is natural and I try to use products as natural as possible. no chemical relaxers or textureizers have been on her hair and we are at a loss of what to do.

1 Answer

maybe you could try twirling her hair around your index finger in small sections in the shower while youve got conditioner in her hair and then rinse with cold water and no combing.