My weave leave out wont go back natually curly , help ?

I have not straigtened my hair in over a year ( mainly bc it doesnt stay straight ) so I decided to get a weave to try and get a new look with having to worry about my hair frizzing up . Left the weave in for 2 weeks . It felt so uncomfortable . After washing & conditioning & protien treatments the leave out in my hair wouldnt return curly . It was a middle part so the straight section is right  in the front of my hair & It looks so ugly. Just a giant section of hair straight in the front & the rest curly . Please help . I have added my hair before & during the weave . 

1 Answer

Ok, this is 100% not helpful because I've never gotten a weave, but damnnnnnnnn that is some curl def i nit ion right there wowwwwwwww :0