What do I do with this hair??

I have 3a hair. I had been naturally curly for a couple of years, but recently got fed up. My hair was poofy, out of control, and the only way it looked good was when I washed it every day. Then I got annoyed, so about five months ago I started straightening it again. I have tried to keep my hair healthy despite the heat, using heat protectant, deep conditioner, and only washing twice a week. Unfortunately, my hair looks terrible everyday since I got a trim (and layers) and it won't fully straighten, the bottom half poofs, and I just don't know what to do with it anymore. Is there anyway I can straighten so it's healthy and smooth, or at least find a middle ground where it's only wavy?? Because, as much as I hate to admit it, my curly hair is just too much maintenance for me (and just too much in general because it's also thick). Any help would be great! Thanks!

2 Answers

There is a straightening board on curl talk
Maybe just "do " it every other day, and put it up on the days you don't "do" it. Like in clips or a barrette or loose bun or something.