Why do my ends remain frizzy after I flat iron my hair?

I regularly condition my hair and I flat iron it once every few months. Whenever I do flat iron it, my ends are frizzy.

3 Answers

Have you examined the ends? I'd guess they're split. 
Also dryness.... The ends are the oldest part of the hair strand and get drier much easier. Try doing a deep treatment, at the very least on the ends, prior to when you are going to flat iron and see if that helps. But I agree with KinkyWinky it also might be split ends and not much you could do about that except cut them off. 
sometimes its tangled-ness from having really thick hair and or poor ironing technique. If you treat your iron like its brushing your hair you're going to cause damage. You need proper technique. If you have super thick hair you should look into special straightening irons with 'teeth' on the plates....it's a built in brush.