Why does my scalp hurt whenever I straighten my hair?

I have mid back length, fine, 3b hair and any time I straighten it  (which is about once every other month in the winter only) after two or three days my scalp feels SUUUUUPER sore. I have to strategically position my head and hold my hair so that I can deal with the pain. At first I thought I was burning it, but no matter what method I use or how gentle I am, or how much I avoid my scalp this always happens. It used to happen before as well when I straightened my hair all the time and my length varied from mid back to waist length. It primarily happens at the crown of my head and a little bit towards my hairline. Does anyone know why this happens? I'd love some feedback! Thank you :)

5 Answers

Hmm, this is a very unique problem. If you say you're not burning it, then the only thing I can think of is you are tugging your hair and pulling your scalp when you brush it to straighten it. This would make sense if you say it hurts around the crown of your head. Even if you're being gentle, your scalp probably isn't used to being brushed that much and is in shock. 
Sensitive scalp, you are tugging and burning your hair so it's normal for it to be uncomfortable. However I think blow drying hair straight is much worse.:)
I have the same issue, however my hair doesn't hurt immediately after straightening.   My hurt hurts the day after and will not stop until I wash my hair.  I don't think it has anything to do with tugging on the hair or burning it.  I burnt my scalp before and the pain is not the same.  I would love to know why it happens. Because of the scoreness I have not had the solan blowout.   I dont want to deal with the soreness for that long.Has anyone with this same issue ever had the salon blowout?
I also have 3B hair and this happens to me, too. I have only started noticing it in the last 6-12 months, tho. I pretty much always wear my hair curly and my scalp never hurts when I do, no matter if it's down, pulled up, or hasn't been washed in a few days. But when I straighten my hair, the next day my scalp aches like crazy!  It's just a few spots on my crown but just my hair moving in the wind hurts it; it almost feels like my scalp is bruised in that spot. I don't burn my scalp or tug too hard when I'm straightening and I don't get relief until I massage it as I wash it again. This is the strangest thing but apparantly pretty common. I've read online about it and a lot of women think it has to do with the greasiness of your hair and ghe shampoo you use. The greasy hair would make sense in my case because my hair NEVER gets oily when curly, but when straight it's much thinner and gets greasy fast. The whole thing is weird and I would LOVE an answer or solution!
this answer is late, but I'll tell you why your scalp hurts. ^_^ I have thick 3B hair and i have this same problem. I'd say it is because when you straighten your hair, your hair follicles go straight down... This hurts your scalp because it goes against the natural grain of the random directions that curly hair naturally grows in our scalps. ^_^