Why won't my hair stay straight when I get a blow out??

So I've been natural for about 1 year and some months now. At about 8 months in I decided it was time for a blow out to see how long my hair has gotten. The first blow out I got I loved it my hair was down to my shoulders and he so much body but 2 days later it was frizzy and puffed out had shrunk all the way up to my ears! I decided some months later to get a second blow out for a wedding this time a couple hours later my hair started to frizz up I was so upset that I would be walking down the aisle at a friends wedding with frizzy hair. When I got home I tried straightening my hair it lasted for about 5 mins. I'm not really sure what to do I've tried frizz control and humidity control because I do live in Texas but nothing works will I just not be able to get them?? I'll so pics of how my hair normal is sorry but I don't have pics with it straight

1 Answer

I live in Texas also, and sorry to say but it would probably be better to wait for the winter so that you won't keep having this problem. You could also watch the news and look at the humidity, dew, and rain levels to know what to expect in advance then plan your straightening days around that.