Why won't my hair straighten the way it usually will?

So I decided to straighten my hair last night and I was really disappointed. My hair feels greasy, dry, and I hate it. I washed and deep conditioned, used oil as a heat protectant (I typically use an actual protectant) blow dryed, and straightened with a chi.(400 degrees). When I went to the salon to get it done, I noticed that she used a flat iron and the temperature went up to 460 degrees. I have straightened with the chi before, and I get the same results. I really want to achieve a successful blow out, and not pay 60 dollars every 2 weeks even though my hair stylist did miracles with my hair. Am I not doing something right? Should I get a better flat iron?-The first photo is me getting my hair done by my stylist and the second is done by me-

1 Answer

WAZZAP! OK, let me start with your big no-no; never use oil as a heat protectant! oil will burn from the heat of the flat iron and make your hair oily, greasy, stiff, sticky and ERRTHANG! use products with dimethicone and more importantly... KERATIN! keratin is a protein that is the natural building block of our hair ( for our hair is made of protein ). keratin will replace the damaged parts of your cuticle temporarily thus making your hair strands silky, smooth, flowy, shiny and as I repeat ERRTHANG! here are  product recommendations that will make your hair straightening regimen awesome!- it's a 10 Miracle Leave In Plus Keratin ( heat protectant and hair silkener)- 100% Boar Brush ( I don't know if your familiar with the chase method wear you stick a fine comb or boar brush in your hair and then run you flat iron and the comb/brush through the hair. this gives silkier results)Tip: you should blow dry with a paddle brush. BETTER YET, don't blow dry, roller set! it'll cut off a lot of damage thus making your hair less dry and less dry and look better. I would say it has straighter results than blow drying!Hope I Helped!- Rahmat The Hair Obsessed 12 Year Old