My 2c/3a hair weighs down very easily, what can I do?

My hair is a mix of textures, being mostly 2c, but with a very straight layer underneath (2a?) and more defined curls on the top (3a). I've been having trouble styling it, specially because the top layers weigh down during the day and become completely flat. I'm assuming most of it happens because of the dry weather where I live, but does anyone have any tips on what I can do?I'm currently using AG fast food leave on conditioner and AG re-coil curl activator for styling.

1 Answer

Your hair sounds like me, Im a 2c all over with 2b and a straight strand underneath and one on my side. Around the face and some underneath parts I'm a 3a. So a total mix. I too live in a dry place and my hair went flat, so what I found out that works in the shower actually, apply a lot of conditioner and let sit for 5-10min and rinse. Once a week use a protein deep conditioner. The more hydrated the hair is you'll get more curl. Then for styling whatever you use (gel, cream, mousse) has to be combined with oil, apply the oil first then the styler, this helps lock in the moisture.I've tried many products and found that without the base oil my curls go flat.