4 months natural and I been wondering y my hair would not get curly I see some curls but not enough

I been use all types of products but the closest thing that made my hair a little curly was Cantu curling cream

2 Answers

I don't know enough about hair, I'm totally new here, but I think 4 months probably isn't enough. You may have to wait to grow out the new undamaged hair. I had gorgeous curls until I dyed it 4 to 5 months ago when I dyed it and it straightened itself, I've had zero improvement but honestly wouldn't expect much anyway until it grows out more. Also I know my hair has changed dramatically over the years: ringlets as a young child, to a mild wave as a pre-teen, mild wave and frizz as a young teen to beautiful curls since my late teens. Maybe your hair just is not naturally curly like it used to be?
If you're transitioning, I definitely wouldn't hope to see a curl at 4 months. I'm at a year, but can remember seeing definitive curls at 10 months. I can't remember very well, but I might have see some as early as 6.If your hair is completely natural, it may be a few things: 1) sometimes it takes a while - up to 6 months, reportedly - for your hair texture to start appearing the way it use to; 2) your hair may be to short to see any definitive curl. On average, at 4 months, you'd have around 2 inches of hair;3) Your hair might be different then what you remember, if you remember/ know what your hair was like before;4) It might just be your hair type - 4c with probably some 4b