How to achieve this hairstyle? (African-American Male)

Hello! I'm very new to this, so bear with me.Let's start off by saying, I honestly don't know what hair type I have. I know it's in the 4 Type range, but I'm not sure which. I assume it's 4C because it's coiled, but, I have springy curls, not Z ones. Here you can judge for yourself:, for my real question.I've been really interested in hair such as this: It's like The Weeknd-esque, but not as... sloppy?... you could say. Regard this question more so for the last 2 rather than the first one, by the way.I'm just wondering how would I go about achieving those hairstyles? How long would it take for my hair to grow to the appropriate length?How would I actually do this twisting, or whatever it is, of sorts?Any recommended products for such styling?Or what if I can't do it by myself and need a professional to do it? (still need the answers of the above questions except one)This is going to be a huge change in hairstyle as you can see, and I'm kind of excited to have more unorthodox hair.

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