How to achieve nice curls with my wash and go?

Right now i coat wet hair with conditioner, curling custard, and gel and then shake my hair and go... luckily weight and hydrating does wonders for me, but this is the only way to get curls for me.... well so far. I'm still in my first year of transitioning. While this is very effective for me, it's messy and painful!  I end up with water and product on the walls of my bathroom and mirror and pain in my neck. Is there another way to apply product so that i get the same results?

1 Answer

Wash and go's while transitioning? That's not something your hear a lot (unless it's from heat damage, I guess lol). Anyway, I've seen a lot of youtubers with tighter curl patterns use the praying hands method and, for super definition, the shingling method when applying gel.