ATM I am really hating my hair! I don't know what styles I can do! Please give me tips!

my hair is shoulder length in the front and longer in the back. (I plan on fixing that this simmer) I take excellent care of my hair but I feel like it's not growing as fast as I would like it to. And I'm really limited with styles I can do. If I leave it loose it looks short from the front, I bun it everyday and I'm bored of it. Or I do an elongated ponytail sometimes. The only other style I do is a sort of side half up do and by the end of the day my hair looks like shit! Lately I only bun it and I'm noticing that my edges look thinner. Any tips on what styles I can do to disguise by bad hair cut? And do you have any tips on how i cAm prevent it from looking frizzy and dry by the end of the day? Btw I Dc once a week, use shea moisture products and coconut oil.

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<Insert shocked face emoticon here> GIRL!!! I LOVE your hair! Its so full and long... and did I mention full?! Plus asymmetrical cuts are definitely on trend and common (whether intentional or not). I had bangs that grew out and a hair cut that was shorter in the front and longer in the back.  I too resort to buns and WnGs way too often. I've gotten bored with my hair plenty of times. The good news is there are SO many things you can do with your natural hair. Try a blow out, do twist out,  or try pin curls. Im going to make this really easy for you and link my FAVORITE Youtuber's and their tutorials. I love watching them and getting inspiration for styles. Everything she does:How to: Diana Ross Inspired Curly Hair Tutorial (NO HEAT) - #TrulyTimelessHow to : I Love Lucy Inspired HairMy Three Favorite❤ Lazy HairstylesIf you're feeling straight yet curly:How to Create Voluminous Curling Wand Curlsand if you're feeling edgy....4 HAIRSTYLES FOR SHORT/MEDIUM HAIR!I think all these styles can disguise a bad hair cut  BUT if all else fails... roll, tuck, and pin like she did in this video: 3 Cute Spring Hairstyles With Hair BowsGood LUCK and let me know if you try any of these. Either way you and your hair are BEAUTIFUL.