What is the name of the best layering technique for curly hair?? Trying to get rid of pyramid hair!

I want to get my hair cut in a few days and I'm actually pretty nervous to do it. I have type 3A/3B hair, a few inches past my shoulders. My hair is very dense and pretty thick so what I am hoping to fix with this hair cut is the pyramid hair problem. I haven't had a good styling cut in a long time. I wish I could afford to go to an expert, but I just can't spend $100+ on a hair cut. I'll probably have to go to a Regis salon or something on that level. Knowing that the person doing my hair may not be a curl expert, I want to at least give as detailed instructions as I can. What would be the best laying technique to tell them of how to layer my hair? I know there are different ways to do it, but I don't know the names of those layered cuts. I just don't want to end up with a worse problem because they layered it like they would for someone with straight hair who wants more body. I need less body!! I already have tons of it! I battle a lot of frizz too. I'm also afraid of having it layered too much or layers up too high and having a bunch of short fly away curls. My hair curls all the more the shorter that it's cut. Please help! How should I explain to my stylist how I want my hair cut/layered??

1 Answer

i can't remember the names of the different layer techniques from beauty school. Tell them where yoi want your longest layer to be and your shortest layer. I cut my  bottom layers at 45° or lower ,and the top at about 180° to get the amount of layers that I want. Also bring a picture in of what you want.  This is how my hair looks after I cut it